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Learn the essential techniques that make great presenters who inspire their audiences and win clients who are eager to do business.


“Presentations have become the de facto business communication tool” writes Nancy Duarte, presentation design guru in her book Slide:ology.


And yet there is huge fear that holds people back. Fear of exposure, fear of failure, fear of making a fool of yourself. Not only that - but there’s an inadequate focus on the critical areas when working on pitches and presentations. Too much time and energy is spent putting data-heavy slides together that the actual messages, the audience’s requirements and rehearsal of the delivery get completely overlooked.


“Companies are started, products are launched, climate systems are saved – possibly based on the quality of presentations. Likewise, ideas, endeavours, and even careers can be cut short due to ineffective communication. Out of the millions of presentations delivered each day, only a small percentage are delivered well” …….


If you’d like to be someone who “delivers well” – then I can help you........


Let’s face it – most people’s idea of hell is being asked to stand up and speak in front of colleagues or strangers. Some people spend their whole careers avoiding it. And yet - it’s the most powerful way to communicate your message and your brand, both from a corporate and a personal perspective. It represents a marvellous opportunity – but there are many people who miss that opportunity because of their fear of public speaking – in whatever form that takes. You don’t need to be an extrovert to make a great presentation. You need to be yourself.


Key to Susie’s approach is uncovering her clients’ personal brand. This is unique to each client and is important to identify so that they can present in a way which feels comfortable and authentic. Not everyone begins as a “natural presenter” or is comfortable in client-facing situations, but each person has a value to add, a talent to bring to the business pitch e.g. administrative or technical. Susie works with clients to allow their competence and personality to shine through.


When working with Susie you’ll learn how to create and structure compelling and inspiring content, how to engage your audiences and deliver presentations in your own personal style. You will heighten your impact and confidence by practising these techniques in a safe, comfortable environment.


Susie is known for giving clients simple and practical tools which can be put into practice immediately.


“After just a few visits with Susie my whole professional outlook changed - great techniques that work instantly”. Allan B – Sales Director


You can either work with Susie as part of a 1:1 tailored coaching programme or as part of a small group workshop which effectively prepares you to meet the challenges of presenting – whatever the forum or scenario. You can either work at your premises or another venue depending on the requirement and you can be guaranteed of continual telephone and e-mail support throughout the process. Susie can either work with you in a corporate capacity or as a private client.


Speaking at the Women’s 1st Conference, London, 2013

What are the results?

Having worked with Susie you’ll feel confident standing up in front of a group, you’ll be capable of holding and engaging an audience and you’ll be far more likely to volunteer to present. As a result, you’ll heighten your personal profile and career prospects and increase your success rate in pitches.


Who is Susie Hall?
Susie works predominantly with leaders of professional service firms, FT-SE companies and financial institutions across Europe, the US and Asia and is guest lecturer on the University of Sussex MBA programme. Clients include the BBC, SC Johnson, Kerry Foods, GSK, Friends Life, AIG, Aon, Bart Spices, Sony, Merlin Entertainment, Mercer, RBS and Jefferies.


Over the last 17 years Susie has amassed a huge variety of knowledge and techniques which she will share with you in order to make your presentations memorable and compelling. She continues to follow the latest research in this subject and has an extensive reading list which she will share with you. You’ll receive the highest quality of guidance and feedback on both the delivery and the content of your presentations.


Susie is known for taking a direct and honest approach but never loses sight of the fact that keeping a sense of humour at all times makes the process fun – even enjoyable!!


To speak to Susie in more depth on how her coaching and training can improve the quality of your presentations and the hit rate of your pitches, call today on 07775-946806 or e-mail:


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